A selection of work in Cinema 4D - Click preview for Full Size Version

  • Dunhill Lighter

    My first attempt with Cinema 4D to get to know it. I also started with a [different] Dunhill in Bryce, my previous 3D software.
  • Bell & Ross Watches

    Rather expensive, but lustworthy watches by Bell & Ross. Had to do a model, can't afford the real thing!
  • The Zero House

    This is a real house in Scandanavia! Totally self sufficient - and yes, I really want to live there [I know, no chance]

    My Hi-Fi - sitting in front of me all the time - so it was just crying out to be modelled. And so it was...
  • Breitling

    Yet another [fantasy] luxury watch I will probably never own - at least I can dream a little even virtually...
  • Mickey Mondrian

    This is a copy of some 1970s airbrush art by Jim Haggerty - Mickey Mouse in the style of Mondrian.
  • Pepsi Natural

    Concept for a prospective line of drinks, harking back to the original recipe of Pepsi. Alas it didn't actually happen though.
  • Space Bug

    Another rip of some airbrush art, found in a manual on technique. I have no idea who the original artist is though...
  • Revox

    Revox, once upon a time the ultimate Hi-Fi system. Nowadays it is very rare, and very, very expensive.
  • Recon

    Future reconnaisance mission - inspired by SciFi illustrations from the 1970s - this one by Fred Gambino.
  • Compact Kitchen Unit

    Compact kitchen unit design - see the full size for scene set during the morning, afternoon and night.
  • Sector General

    Inspired by the Sector General series of science fiction novels by James White. A must-read set of stories!
  • Conservatory

    I got this idea from an advertisement in the Sunday papers - something to do while doing the laundry...
  • Lecson Hi-Fi

    Rather idiosyncratic Hi-Fi from the mid 1970s - see the full size image for more views\details.
  • Girard-Perregaux 1966

    Both sidesa watch for a change. This is a Girard-Perregaux 1966 Minute Repeater - yet another one I cannot hope to own...
  • DieselPunk

    Wierd and wonderful Diesel Punk [as opposed to Steam Punk] - see full size for the hovercraft version!
  • Zero Helicopter

    A real, working helicopter, designed by Hector del Amo. Just the thing for the morning commute...
  • Eames EA124 Chair

    An absolute classic chair design, by the man himself - Ray Eames. I also have others by him, and others...
  • Chinese Tram

    Interior of a Chinese Tram from the 1930s. Seen in a photograph by Phil Marion found on the web - thought it was cool...
  • Jamesons

    Jamesons and Guinness, breakfast of champions. Actually, just an exercise - mainly for the cut crystal and ice.
  • Christmas Pencil

    Seasonally themed exercise - although I fiddled about so much I missed Christmas! Taken from an advertisement from Publicis.
  • Walkman II

    Transparent Walkman style media player - yet another inspiration from old airbrush technique manuals.
  • Cassettes

    Since I had already modelled a cassette for the previos image - this is a scene knocked up with it...
  • Cool Green Drink

    A long, cool drink - possibly a Moscow Mule, or even a Mint Julep. Who knows, I just made it up as I went along.
  • EDO Car Wheel

    A wheel generally used on high-end supercars - and probably just as expensive as all the other bits.
  • Sorayama Bug

    One of Hajime Sorayama's creations - a cybernetic bug - would have done one of his Gynoids but they are too complex!
  • Ice Cream Cone

    I scream, you scream - we all scream for Ice Cream! Rather more difficult to do than it looks [at least for me!]
  • Retro Corner

    A reading corner reminiscent of the thirties. Its a rather large image - see full size for both day and night versions.
  • Caddy

    The tail light cluster of a 1959 Cadillac de Ville. This render, I might add, took over 96 hours to complete, on an old laptop!
  • Grolsch Glass Concept

    Concept for a glass for Grolsch - to double as a jar after use. Should have been full of pistacchio nuts, but I didn't have any!
  • Luxury Suite

    Luxury Hotel Suite - complete with custom wooden bathtub - the height of sybaritic hedonism [I'm in...]
  • Kitchen Sketch

    Design for a small kitchen area [mine!] - rendered using the 'Sketch and Toon' options for a change.
  • Lost and Found

    Just an idea, mainly to experiment with grass. I had already modelled my watch, so why not, I thought.
  • Voltaire Writing Desk

    Writing desk by Spanish designer Paco Camus, in American Black Walnut. Would love to have one, but nowhere to put it!
  • End Game

    A cafe scene somewhere in Spain. Just made up from various bits I had on my hard drive. .
  • Newcastle Brown Ale

    Commonly referred to as 'Journey into Space' The eponymous drink from the area of my birth [more or less]
  • Test Run

    Mamod model steam traction engine - modelled after one I've had for years, never used - the shame!
  • Harley on the Street

    Classic Harley Davidson, set on urban street somewhere. Again, just made up as I went along...
  • Intermission

    The band has gone outside for a smoke break, so I thought I'd get a round in. As a token of my appreciation you understand.
  • 3d Chess

    3D Chess, with a twist. The chess set is modelled on a puzzle set by Franco Rocco. It stores as two interlocking cubes. [Cool]
  • Sinclair Microvision

    The weeny television by Clive Sinclair. Modelled from the real thing - which alas, doesn't work anymore!
  • LED Traffic lights

    Design for programmable LED traffic lights.Can be changed for direction and information etc.
  • Coke 1899

    Coke bottle from 1899 - so much more elegant than todays cans. Food Safety might have an issue though....
  • Delusion of Grandeur

    Pawn wanting to be a king, or just dreaming of power, or just daydreaming. Just an idea using shadows, that's all.
  • Fractal Table

    Design for a table full of drawers - found it on one of the design sites, thought it was cool...
  • Friday

    Taken from a coverillustration for Friday by Robert Heinlein, illustration by Michael Wheelan - 'Friday' is missing though.
  • Dancing Rainbows

    Airbrush work by Bob Zoell, found in an old technical manual - a favourite source of inspiration.
  • Liquid Engineering

    More airbrush examples for practice - this time by Michael English, an advertisement for Castrol Oil
  • Pentel Mechanica

    The reserve pencil I bought years ago, in case the main one packed in. Never used it as the other is still working perfectly.
  • Nixie Clock

    Apparently this exists, and I want one! Old nixie tubes looking like valves. Took ages to get the lights correct, by the way...
  • Cherry Martini

    Not that I drink these, but interesting to create the condensation effect on the cherries. Sort of.
  • Escape

    Balloons escaping behind a building - shades of 'The Red Balloon', classic film from 1956.
  • Lamborghini Miura

    Beautiful car from the 1970s, sex on wheels. Rendered in a studio setting to test reflections.
  • Key Ring

    My key ring, since it was handy I decided to model it. Just practice for modelling, texturing and render.
  • IWC Portugieser

    Another nice but expensive timepiece - taken from a magazine illustration. What I couldn't see, I made up!
  • The Last Sentinel

    The back story is that this poor robot was left behind, guarding a lone outpost long after the war has finished, loyal to the end.
  • Office Complex

    An imaginary office block somewhere. Made up just for the fun of it - and mainly made up of repeating parts!
  • Ferrari F430, wet.

    The tail light cluster of a Ferrari F430 supercar, in the rain. Makes a change from the beautiful studio renders...
  • The Game of Go

    Classic game from 1938 by the last hereditary 'honimbo' - Shusai. Taken from 'Master of Go' by Yasunari Kawabata.
  • Pixel 6A

    My phone - well it was sitting there on my desk - just begging to get modelled! Couldn't decide on lock screen ...
  • Anachronism

    A bedside scene - but what item does not belong there? Basically a collection of existing models composed - for fun.
  • Dune Blaster

    Lego Dune Buggy - even virtually, Lego can be fun. Another existing model tweaked for this scene.
  • Breguet 7077

    Another beautiful watch - and another I can't afford! All this firms collection are a wonder to behold.
  • Kaltschmieden

    A scene I saw on a design site - thought it would be good practice for lighting etc. Very modern/minimal.
  • Desk Set

    A collection of models, arranged fairly randomly on a desk. Was going to call it 'Boring meeting'
  • Globe Decanter

    A straight crib from a design site. Thought it a rather clever conceit. Must have the best brandy though...
  • Brionvega TS502

    A classic radio from the nineteen eighties - apparently now a collectors item [if you can find one that still works!]
  • Coffee Table

    More stuff created over the months [years] - arranged on the end of a coffee table. Again, just for fun.
  • White Minimal

    Gleaned from 'Arch Daily' - rather stark monochrome minimalist room set. It was the desk light that interested me first...
  • Soviet Television

    A Russian [Soviet] television from the nineteen sixties. Took a great effort to find an authentic test card!
  • TEAC Open Cassette

    A failed attempt on the cassette craze of the nineteen eighties. Looked cool, but far too fiddly to have caught on.
  • Fluke 77

    Part of my toolkit from days gone by, together with soldering iron, screwdriver and occasionally, a hammer!